Sunday, August 17, 2008


So, Jake and Caleb were playing volleyball in the familyroom... I reminded them they weren't supposed to be throwing balls in the house but unheeding, minutes later, they knocked a plant over the wall and down to the stairs. I didn't even yell and they quickly went to clean it up. It took two hours to vacuum all the dirt out of the carpet. I wonder if they learned their lesson this time...This took more effort than when the broke the lamp playing football in the familyroom, they just had to pay for that and it obviously didn't deter them. Life with boys is never boring.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

first day

Today was the first day of school for Jake and Caleb. As you can see by Jake's expression, the newness and excitement have worn off. It went well except for a snafu at pick up. No major problems. AJ was pretty upset that he didn't go with his brothers. I packed him a lunch also since he was feeling left out. Ryan gave the boys a father's blessing to start the year off right and of course, AJ couldn't be left out of that either so he climbed up into the chair for a blessing too. Ryan gave him one also. I was so happy.

The End of Our Summer

Yesterday was the end of our summer. Jake and Caleb started school again today. Bittersweet. We went hiking in the White Tanks. This is the end of the trail. Sometimes there is a waterfall coming down the rocks. As you see, yesterday there was only a pool at the bottom. It was still great to go.