Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Week Gone By

Despite my best intentions it seems that my blogging has become a weekly endeavor instead of daily. Not a very good journal but better than nothing I suppose. I haven't decided if I should do many posts about all of the adventures this week or one long one but I'll start with my epiphany last night. I finally realized that all of the commotion recently has affected my boys more than I thought. They seemed to settle into the new routine smoothly, during their waking hours at least. Night time was a different story, they started having nightmares and other signs of stress that they didn't talk about during the day time. In isolated incidents it seemed like no big deal, it wasn't until last night that I realized there seemed to be ALOT of incidents recently, pretty much the last 2 weeks. DUH!!! I wanted to smack myself on the head with a huge Homer Simpson DOH! how could I have missed those signs! My only defense is that I have been so busy getting us settled into the house myself but since my family should and does come first, it really is no excuse at all. Anyway I decided that we needed a family outing, soon. Huge credit goes to my wonderful husband who took time off work and researched something we could do as a family! He is the best husband in the world!!! We talked to the boys today and they are so excited!!! I can't wait! Stay tuned for more details! Now it's my job to pay more attention to the big picture and not just what is in front of my face right then.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Sunday gone by

I guess I should catch up... Jake and Caleb started school and it's been crazy busy with the move and school and all but everything is starting to go back to normal again. Jake and Caleb love it at their new school. AJ asks everyday when we can go pick them up and never wants to wait for them, I think it's cute how much he misses them. It's amazing how much quieter it is without them home all day. I still don't feel like I get anything done though, I feel like I work all day but I'm spinning my wheels and don't see much progress. Oh well, I think I need to get organized again. Caleb gave a talk in Primary today, he did such a great job! AJ went to nursery without crying and kicking, he walked right in! I was so happy I could've danced a jig. Jake's teachers made a point of telling me how good he was in class, YEAH!!!! Levi goes into mine and Ryan's nursery so he is fine. I even got a nap today!!! Ryan didn't get much sleep and he is working tonight but it was almost a perfect day. Life is great! I love Sundays! It's amazing how following the commandment to keep the sabbath holy and make it a day of rest really makes a difference in my home and gives me the strength to do the daily grind the other 6 days of the week. Someone told me how they thought I was so good because I take the boys to church even when Ryan can't go. I must confess, I go because I need to go. If I don't go my week just doesn't go well AND I don't have the gumption to handle it either. When I do go I get my spiritual battery recharged and my week goes better and I feel better able to handle what comes at me and with 4 very boyish boys, I need all the help I can get. So I guess my point is it doesn't show how strong I am that I go, it shows how much I need to go.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Back in The Saddle

I got back at exercising yesterday. I started hurting last night and haven't stopped since. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to laugh. This is good pain though... I know it has a purpose and an outcome. It will be worth it but until then... OUCH! I took today off but back at it tomorrow. If I can move that is.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Empty Well

Ok so I know that I have heard it said many times that Moms need to take care of themselves or we aren't taking care of our family. I know that and I have always understood that but just the same when it comes to doing things for myself I feel guilty. My little ones don't understand and I feel guilty leaving them behind, especially if they are upset about it and they often are. I also hate coming home to "manland" which is Ryan's name for the mess I get to clean up when I come home to my 5 men. So... I rarely do anything for myself. I encourage Ryan to but I don't. I know, I'm a hypocrite. That being said...tomorrow I'm getting a pedicure. I need to be pampered. I need to refill my well. I guess I finally got it through my head that I need to do something for myself then I'll have more to draw from to give to the people in my life that need me. Here is where I feel like an idiot because I've been told so many times by so many people including Ryan and it's finally sinking in. My kids will be fine. The house will be fine and even Ryan will be fine. Truth be told, I'm not sure who to worry about more, the kids left with Ryan or Ryan left with the kids. I'm going to do it and I'm going to keep doing something(s) for myself to keep my well full.

Friday, September 4, 2009


So the reason I haven't written is that I have been incredibly busy... moving. I didn't want to move so combine that with the heat, I wasn't looking forward to it. The thought of leaving MY house with my big back yard and wood floors depressed me. I am so grateful for my wonderful friends who encouraged me like Tisha who helped us find a great house that we like alot and then helped us move and set up and even hang pictures. Like Carrie and Nancy and Bobby who came to help us move and clean, in the heat of the day mind you. Like Scott and Joel and the young men and their leaders Daniel and Chris who moved almost our entire house in one load including the boys swing set in the back yard, THEY ARE AWESOME!!! and by the way, what a great example they set for my boys. They were joking and cheerful and hardworking! What great people we are blessed to call friends and to know!!! The new house is nice and almost everything is put away. By next week we should be back to normal, I think. I have ALOT of cookies to bake and thank you cards to write!