Sunday, April 3, 2011


Note the new pic on the right, R gets to keep his pup we found, maybe it's better to say she found us, either way, she stays.  Long story short... the last owner finally called me on her but not until she had run off w/ Jazz and gotten lost at the Lake in the canyon, a short walk from our house.  We couldn't find her and thought for sure she was cougar dinner but on Sat. the  pound called me about an ad R had put on Craigslist for our lost found dog; they were wondering if we had come there to look for her.  I had called and given them a lost dog report but when she was brought in they hadn't checked the reports.  Again long story short, I tried to contact the owner who had finally contacted me but they never called me again and we get to keep her and she is now legally ours, even have the license to prove it thankfully since she has proven to be a partner in crime w/ Jazz and the 2 of them frequently take off chasing rock chucks and playing in the lake and the tags have gotten her returned to us already.  Anyway, she is very happy with us, loves R who loves her too and she sleeps w/ AJ EVERYNIGHT!  She definitely fits right in w/ the rest of us.


So last year, almost 8 months ago we moved up to Idaho thinking it would be a good thing for our family.  Of course we prayed about it first, alot, and we felt good about it so we jumped in and went for it.  It was hard at first and got a little easier but we always felt like Buckeye was home.  So the readers digest version, R's old boss called him a bit ago and offered him a M-F 1-9:30 pm job, the answer to many prayers to get him off the night shift, something we could never afford here and to be able to go to church every Sunday.  We prayed about it and decided it was a good thing so we are moving back.  Since then things have fallen into place so smoothly it's been amazing from moving trucks to schools and a house and place for our horses, literally everything.  We leave in 6 days.  We have alot to do and more that has to fall into place just right but I have faith that we are going where the Lord wants us to go and just like he has been, he will keep paving the way for us to get there, remember the Lord giveth no commandment save he shall prepare a way that you might accomplish the thing which he commanded.  I'm working at not being overwhelmed at all that has to be done this week and remembering that he will help me and looking forward to it all being finished with.  I wish that we could have stayed until September and enjoyed the summer after the miserable freezing winter but if we do the boys can't go back to Odyssey so we'll suffer through the summer there and it'll be ok and not only that but worth it.  We still don't know why we were supposed to come here and we may never know but I'm glad we did.  It's been a growing experience for all of us and not only that but has helped to settle us down so that now when we go back to AZ it's because that is where we want to live not because we have to  be there and now we know that.  I'm grateful for that.