Friday, February 26, 2010


I remember when my older boys were going through the terrible 3 stage, talking to a great friend who gave me a new perspective. Someone had told her that when kids are saying no and demanding their independence that he reminded himself that those are the skills we want them to have when they are teens and their peers are pushing them to do stupid things. Independence and the ability to think for themselves. He called them the terrific threes. I'm having a hard time with AJ lately and have to keep reminding myself that I want my kids to think for themselves. I don't want them to do something just because I said so. Maybe it would be easier right now if they did but in the long run... If they don't think for themselves now, when will they get the practice? Maybe some people think they are disresectful that they ask why sometimes or they don't jump immediately when I tell them to do something. Ryan used to get really upset about it too, until I explained that if they are always being told to do something and never get the chance to make some decisions on their own, how will they learn to be adults? Who's going to be giving them orders when I'm not there? So now when AJ is telling me he is not going to let me into his room ever again because we are leaving the park, I'm reminding myself that he is learning to be independent and just expressing his frustation with not being in control of the situation, but we are still leaving. Yesterday when Jake didn't want to get ready for football because he thought he was going to be switching teams instead, I asked why does he have to argue with me. Ryan answered, "you are the one who wants them to think for themselves." Apparently it's working. Now if I can just out last Levi whom I am starting to see terrific 3 behavior from.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Here is my disclaimer, probably most if not all of us think our husband is the best husband ever and I am no different. I have the best husband EVER! On Monday and Wednesday evenings I have an exercise class for 45 minutes. My superstar husband not only takes care of the kids but encourages me to keep going every month so that I have some me time. He never complains not even last night when dinner wasn't totally finished and he had to take a grumpy Levi and finish dinner and get family home evening together. When I walked in after my class all of our kids were fed and they were playing together! All 4 of them were wrestling with Ryan on the floor in the front room. Then he presented a great family home evening lesson. I have such a great life!!! And of course a great hubby! I love him so much!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I remember many years ago a friend of mine telling me a story about the beginning of her marriage, don't worry it's not gross or sappy really but today I've been thinking about it alot. She was talking about how they were trying to save money and everytime they felt like they were making progress some large expenditure would come and wipe out their savings. The lesson she learned was that everytime they started thinking they could do it on their own, ie they were getting a comfortable cushion, they would get taken down a couple of pegs until they realized they really had to depend on the Lord, no matter how much savings they had. Ryan and I have been trying to cut costs, right now we are deliberating on eliminating the cable and phone completely so if you have any opinion, feel free to share. We are trying to save and pay off our school loans and get a cushion so that if need be, we can move. It seems like everytime we get just a little money in our savings, we need to spend it. This time it was new batteries in the truck and a new fuel filter. It's amazing how expensive batteries for a truck are! It's not that I've ever thought we could do it on our own but I guess this is just his way of reminding us who is really in charge. I suppose if somehow we actually do end up moving... that's looking like a bigger and bigger IF these days, it's going to be pretty obvious who made it happen.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Jake and Caleb got to have their Valentines parties at school so when I heard that Lacey was having a party for the little kids, we were in. I got the brilliant idea to make these cute little bee valentines. Jake and Caleb weren't into it at all, not cool enough for them, but AJ and Levi loved them. After working on them a few hours on Wed. and Thurs I decided that... it was worth it. It wasn't too bad and they were cute after all. I'm using the construction paper I cut them out of and pasted it onto pink paper for the boys to write "how do I love thee"s to Ryan. I had fun and killed two birds with one stone.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


When Jake and Caleb were little it was Spiderman for Caleb and Bob the Builder for Jake. They wore them every day and it didn't matter where we were going or the weather. Now I guess it's AJ and Levi's turn. They have dressed themselves in these costumes the last two days. The first picture they decided to shave. It's a good thing those costumes are quick drying and easy to wash. My favorite was watching AJ put on the vest. He got so tangled up that he decided I could help him after all.


My sweet Jake turned 9 this week. He is now a Bear Scout and loves it. We found the Nerf gun he wanted on sale so we let him have it on Tuesday and he hasn't wanted to put it down since. I'm so proud of him and what a strong and smart young man he is becoming! We love you Jake!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Every night I lay down with my children for our special time. It started when Jake was born and I was working, that was the only time I got to spend with him awake on the days I worked. It kept going when Ryan was going to school, I was working full time and Caleb was born and we needed that special time together to bond. As our family has grown older and bigger it has become more of a challenge to spend time with each of them daily and so has become more and more important. I have come to learn that my kids see it as an expression of love and I appreciate it as a quiet few moments we can spend together after what is usually a hectic day. We use it to catch up on our days and it gives me an update on what is going on in their lives, what they are feeling that day and anything that is bothering them. Last week when I was laying with AJ and Levi (since they are small we do it in one bed together) AJ was feeling particularly snuggly and he told me, "mom, you are the best mom ever." It was completely out of the blue and made my week. Probably since he is 3 and often such a turd that I wonder if he hates us. Anyway last night I was laying with Jake and he asked me if I had gotten the answer I was praying for, again completely out of the blue. I answered that I felt like I had and we started talking about them making more decisions and having a bit more freedom and responsibility if/when I went back to work and why this was important. I queried to him and Caleb (who shares a room with him) that wouldn't they agree that I do most everything for them? They agreed. I continued that this really wasn't helpful to them and they needed to learn to do more to prepare themselves for the future. Jake said completely seriously, "our wives will do all that stuff for us." I couldn't help but laugh especially since Caleb said almost the exact same thing a couple of months ago. Then I explained that they would be indeed lucky IF they found a wife who would do that for them. They said that their job is to make the money and their wives job is to take care of them. Boy have I messed up. I reminded them that their dad helps out when he is home too because he knows that if he does I appreciate it and then we have more time to spend together as a family. Also that they would need to take care of themselves on their missions and in college and until they found a wife, if they ever did, who would do that for them since most wives don't and it is indeed a team effort. WOW! I enjoy doing things for them and for Ryan because I love them but now I'm afraid I've set them up for failure. Maybe that's why I need to go back to work, so they can get stronger and more independent.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I had the blessed opportunity to fast last week for a family friend's son undergoing major surgery this past week so yesterday (Fast Sunday) I got up and made a large breakfast and as I sat down to bless it I remembered that yesterday was in fact fast Sunday. DOH!!! I was so looking forward to the breakfast I had prepared and so I sat at the table watching my kids dig in, Ryan was asleep already, I came up with about 4 reasons why I didn't have to fast, again. Then I realized that I could make excuses but they were just that, excuses and I knew and I knew the Lord knew it so... I wrapped up my eagerly anticipated breakfast for Ryan to take to work last night and went to pray since "fasting without prayer is just going hungry." I did have a pressing issue after all. We've been praying to know the Lord's place for us to serve and although I felt I had gotten an answer, it wasn't the one I was expecting and I was confused since it seemed to go against other expectations, mainly me staying at home with our kids full time. I have talked to a couple of VERY close friends lately and like often happens, the Lord had been answering my prayers through them and I kind of knew it and felt a little better and more sure but still hesitant. So as I pondered and prayed and searched yesterday, I read a few things that reinforced not only the answer I had received but also the experiences my friends had related. I am so thankful for the inspiration to fast yesterday and that I actually followed the prompting and then as the Lord promised, I got the confirmation and peace I was looking for. Now I feel much better and I know the Lord will make all of our righteous efforts to be for good. He will protect my family and sustain us and everything will be ok. The hurdles in front of us will be removed or we will be able to overcome them. Everything will be ok.

Friday, February 5, 2010


So last night was enrichment night and I really wanted to go and since none of my kids were sick and Jake and Caleb don't have school on Fridays it seemed ok. I was a little nervous about letting them go to nursery since that seems to be a cesspool of germ activity and they always seem to get sick but I decided to chance it. Now I'm irritated that I did. Don't get me wrong, the activity was awesome and very worth attending (Thank you to all who worked so hard to put it on) but I went to get my kids from the nursery and there is a little girl who I won't name with goopy eyes and a nasty boogery nose. ARRGGHHHH! And of course since it was late, near 9 when we got home the little ones were way too tired for baths so to bed with those nasty germs. Don't get me wrong I want everyone to be able to attend Enrichment nights but have a little consideration for the others who will be there. There were mom's there with their brand new babies and siblings who certainly don't need to bring that stuff home. So annoyed today so sorry for venting but COME ON!!! So sorry Darice but if my kids get pink eye again, you know where it came from and we will be staying home from church again.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Thankfully we are getting well, finally. Noone is coughing or vomiting, I can't remember how long it's been since I could say that. The quarantine seems to be working so one more week away from church, sorry Darice ( I know, it's killing me too), and we should be good to go.
HURRAY!!!! On another note, life goes on. We are trying to figure out the Lord's plan for us and where he wants us to serve, maybe out of state, maybe Springerville, maybe here. Not knowing is driving me crazy and we've decided that the lesson I'm supposed to be learning is patience and and faith that I don't have to know yet, He knows and that's what really matters right? I know that, really I do but I don't have enough faith in myself maybe that I'll be able to know when he is telling us where to go. And maybe I'm also a little afraid, ok alot afraid, that I won't know/don't know if the answer I'm getting is what he wants or what I want. That's mostly it. I'm trying to stay neutral but it's hard when I worry about the environment and opportunities for our kids. ARRRGHHHH! I don't like not knowing my next step!!!! For now we'll keep praying and looking at options and praying and did I mention praying? And of course preparing for either answer we get.