Friday, July 25, 2008

too much fun

We like to go swimming. Jake and Caleb have always been fish in the water. AJ hasn't. At the beginning of the summer he wouldn't go near the water. Now, he doesn't want to get out and doesn't want any help either. He loves to jump in and swim to the edge and climb out. Luke likes to do the "high dive" with the boys and AJ isn't one to be left out. We have to throw him lower than the other boys but he swims up and out and says " more". They have so much fun and I have fun watching them have fun! Even Levi loves the water and splashes all over the place. I have to be careful because he tries to put his face in the water, soon he'll be swimming around with the other 3.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

dog tricks

Jake and Caleb, with the assistance of a couple neighborhood friends, taught Jazmin to climb into the fort today. She is so big when she stands up to climb in that her front feet are on the top step. Then she climbs up the ladder with her back feet. She goes down the slide too. Neptune just jumps in with one leap and goes down the slide. The boys are so excited to have accomplished something fun. I'm just glad they actually did something together that wasn't at my expense. They have no problem working together to torture me but at least have fun with it. They also got the dogs to fetch they said. They ran in to tell me. "Are they bringing it back?" I asked. "Sorta. Jazmin keeps taking it away from Neptune." they say. I just laughed.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Silly boys

So, Sundays are always crazy here. I try to keep it mellow but really, come on with 4 boys is that really possible? Today was the best so far and that only because there wasn't any complaining about no tv or video games, the boys got along for the most part and I didn't yell at anyone at all. That is the most amazing part. As you can see, even after they were ready for church the goofiness is still there. I woke Levi up to load him up and take this pic, can you see the enthusiasm? Caleb is winking at me, AJ is trying to do something, I'm not sure what, and Jake sticks with an oldie but goodie, sticking out his tongue at me. So much for a good picture. This was my 3rd attempt. I gave up. I am so thankful for them and all of their goofiness. I think if we all were a bit less serious and laughed and fooled around more life would be more enjoyable. Who says we can't have fun while we do our work? I'm going to try to be more silly! Who cares what people think as they drive past me driving with the kids all singing and being a rock band on the freeway. I just keep both hands and eyes where they need to be and the boys have fun. I need to do that more often.

Friday, July 18, 2008


So, Ryan and I decided that the boys need to be more responsible about helping out. Mostly we decided because we got tired of the complaining when we asked them to do anything. So... they have to feed and brush their dogs daily. They have to clean the bathrooms weekly and make their beds daily. They also learned that complaining about the chores or being bored results in more chores. It's amazing how fast the complaining stopped. They are actually doing a good job. I have to share a funny experience. Caleb, after finishing his chores on Saturday said to me, "Mom what is that thing you get every week when you do your work? That thing that we don't get." I answered him "Allowance?" and he said " Oh yeah, allowance. Can we get that now? And I mean alot!" He is quite the bargainer my Caleb. How can you say no to that? They get a dollar a week now for a week of completed chores. He wasn't quite satisfied with that but agreed to revisit the matter after a trial period to make sure he is doing them faithfully and discuss a raise then.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Like Father Like Son

So, I know it's an old adage but it's so true. Our children learn what we teach them, and all too often, they learn what from what we do not what we say. Like below, Ryan wears goggles so the boys wear goggles. Caleb sleeps in his underwear now. He said to me, "Mom, know why I sleep in my underwear? I'm hot blooded like Dad." Today Jake was tattling about Caleb gargling his cereal milk. Caleb said, " She knows brother, She's not deaf!" I tried not to laugh but I felt a bit guilty. I'm sure I must have said that before, I can't remember but that's no big surprise, I can't remember yesterday. It was a graphic reminder to me to speak more kindly and with more patience. I pray daily and on some days almost constantly for patience and strength. I'm getting better and I feel like today was a better day. The boys weren't perfect but I feel like I handled it more Christlike. I'll keep praying.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Family Fourth fo July

Yesterday was our family Fourth of July party at Joe and Victoria's house. We had a blast as usual. AJ is now completely over his fear and spent the day jumping off the diving board, going down the slide and swimming with his "muscles". Miraculously, he no longer hates putting them on. Jake and Caleb didn't come out of the pool until we forced them too. Levi had fun splashing around and Ryan of course did his patented cannonball dive which sent water flying in all directions. It's so fun to watch our boys have fun with the family. They blossom and actually get along for a little while. They are always so excited when Ryan gets there and maul him to hug him and tell him everything that is going on and play with him. We also went to the Tyson Farm in the morning and the boys worked up an appetite cleaning pens. The heiffers sure like the babies. They liked them too. Today we caught up on all the work around the house that didn't get done yesterday. The boys were great helpers. I love them so much and once they go to sleep, I can laugh at the exasperating things they have done. Today, Jake and Caleb were arguing as we left Lowe's. We had eaten pb&j sandwiches before going and Jake of course had peanut butter on both sides of his mouth. I ignored it, pick your battles and all. Caleb noticed as they got into their seats to leave the store and the argument ensued. They were arguing, really arguing about who was going to wipe it off Jake's face. Now I have begun to loosen up about the arguing lately because I remember that all siblings fight, some more than others. I have basicly decided that if it's not violent or especially mean spirited to let it go and let them work it out. But give me a break, wiping pb off Jake's face? REALLY? The men around us in the parking lot were honestly laughing out loud. Well, I love em!