Sunday, March 13, 2011


So we are sitting at the boys lessons on Thursday night at Stargazer ranch, they have an indoor arena, anyhow we are sitting there and this sweet lab pup comes in and adopts us.  I've never seen a lab pup so calm.  She played with the boys, everytime they fell down, or slid down a mud hill or pile of horse poop (which they seem think is great fun) she was there instantly to lick their faces.  I asked around there  but noone knew where she came from, they all said she appeared at the same time we did and they thought she was ours.  She has a collar but no tags She is clean, smells like she came straight from the groomers, and well cared for so I'm certain someone is missing her but since Stargazer is on a very busy road and she is already limping we, mostly R, thought we'd take her and find her owner, to be honest I thought for sure I'd post the ad as soon as we got home on Thurs night and she'd be gone by the time I got home from work on Friday.  Today is Sunday and she is still here, despite posting her a couple of times.  She is super sweet and mellow, hasn't chewed anything yet but isn't housebroken either, but she is catching on quickly.  She loves the boys and I usually find her asleep somewhere near R.  R named her Star.  I'm worried, the longer we keep her the more attached everyone gets which will make it that much harder when her owner comes for her.  For now we'll just enjoy her and teach her some manners and then we'll see.


Soo... We bought Jake's horse for Christmas and she is pretty good but for a few things.  Anyhow when I bought her the guy told me she was 20, exactly what I was looking for, for Jake.  Long story short she is older than that.  Longer story, she and Caleb's mare DO NOT get along AT ALL.  So we talked it over w/ Jake and promised to replace her and he agreed that it is unsafe to have them both in the trailer for any given period of time, one or both of them would get hurt, let alone having any other horses in there, recipe for disaster so we decided to sell  her and get him a gelding.  I posted an ad on CL stating the pertinent info and since I'm not going to lie I named him by name as having sold her to me and the age discrepancy.  He is mad to say the least.  He called me wanting to buy her back saying I was slamming him on CL and why?  I said you lied plain and simple and I backed it up.  He immediately calmed down after I caught him in another lie, many actually. But I agreed to remove the ad if he makes it right and buys her back.  So, what would you do?  Was I wrong to call him out by name?  It is a small town and I've had lots of hits on the ad.  Would you sell her back to him or to someone else figuring that he will possibly do the same thing to someone else, which by the way is why I posted the ad that way, to prevent anyone else from getting taken... R says I should forgive, which I don't feel angry, I just don't necessarily trust him.  Is that unforgiving?  R says I should just sell her back to  him and he'll be responsible for his own actions.  ARGHHH!!! R says I worry too much.