Thursday, October 30, 2008


The boys finished football on Saturday. They had a great time and played with a great bunch of boys and great coaches. This is a picture from their team party after the last game. Don't mind the dog in front, he was chasing his shadow on the grass. They were all awesome and learned alot.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The second annual Buckeye 1st ward campout

We had our ward campout last weekend. We went out to Tonopah to Saddleback Mountain. It was a great turnout and we had a great time. The boys were filthy and exhausted by the end of the night. We stayed only for the fire program on Friday night since the boys had an early football game on Saturday and then we had a party to go after that. I decided camping was too much to cram into one weekend. Jake ate at least 4 hot dogs, AJ had 3. I couldn't believe it. Of course they ate their fill of cookies and brownies after that. Even Levi had a great time crawlingaround in the dirt. Caleb ate his fill and disappeared with Jake and the older boys. The highlight was finding a live tarantula in the desert. If I had been planning on camping, that would have changed my mind. I can live with the coyotes, they stay outside of the tent, tarantulas... I'm not so sure about.


So there was the greatest game of football ever played on Saturday. Jake and Caleb and the rest of their team played like pros and with all their hearts and we were so proud of them. They almost won but were literally within 6 inches of the winning touchdown when they ran out of time. So heartbreaking. Coach was so excited he looked like he was going to burst. They blocked and passed and ran like they had been playing together forever instead of almost one season. I'm still so proud of them. Their last game is this Saturday. It's bittersweet to see the season end.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Early Halloween

Jake and Caleb went to their first Halloween party on Friday evening. Jake was Batman. Caleb was a pirate. I must say I was and still am very proud of Caleb's costume. I made the whole thing with stuff from around the house. The shirt I bought years ago for a costume for Ryan. everthing else came from his bedroom including his hook that was a hanger he broke pulling his shirt off of it. AJ couldn't be left out of the face painting (Caleb's eye patch) so I painted a mustache on his face. When it was time for pictures he of course wouldn't be left out of that either. Unfortunately, he was naked, as usual. On one hand it makes potty training easier but on the other, it's inconvenient for having pictures taken or pretty much anything else but that's another subject. Anyway, I'm not posting my favorite picture but it's hysterical. I was taking pics and since he had to be in it, I told him to cover his weiner and he stood there and gleefully shouted "CHEESE!" and covered his stuff. This is my life with 4 sons. They are so much fun and so funny. Anyhow, Jake and Caleb had a great time at the party and came home dutifully sugar coated.

Monday, October 13, 2008

rail fun

We took the rail out for a bit of fun this afternoon. We found a nice hill to take the rail on but we wouldn't let the boys go up on their quads. After a bit of playing on the hills we went exploring and much to Ryan's amazement, AJ fell asleep in the back seat. As you can see, Caleb stayed busy on a short break by digging for gold with Jake supervising. It was so much fun and I'm glad we went. Levi absolutely loved it but got mad when I wouldn't let him crawl around in the car or play with the turning brake or gear shift. He had a great time while we were driving and was even singing to himself again, amazing Ryan. We were totally covered with dust and grime by the time we quit this evening.


This is from the boys 3rd game at South Mountain High. It was an ugly game played by a dirty team, more tackling than flag pulling. So much for flag football and rules. Noone got seriously hurt and the boys did well. We were proud of them. Jake and Caleb were tough and once they got mad, they got tougher. They have learned alot since then and have gotten better every week. These boys are playing like a team and we enjoy watching and cheering for them.