Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ready To Go Now Mom

My new pin up! I just want to grab and squeeze him, which I do alot! His preferred clothing/shoes, if he must wear clothes, is boots and "my cowboy stuff". We get lots of giggles in the stores when he is wearing his chaps and vest and hat and the whole smash.


MMMM cookies. Levi couldn't wait for them to come out so he stood at the door and watched them cook. I love him!


This weekend was the Heritage Festival in town. We hadn't gone before and it sounded like fun. It also sounded like something to keep the kids out of the house so Ryan could sleep without the screaming and fighting of bored kids. It WAS fun. There was a craft fair, I LOVE craft fairs. There was a hayride, the boys love hayrides! There was a petting zoo and kids crafts and roping dummies and stick pony barrel racing! There was even a tractor pull! There were antique engines, running I might add and tractors, old and new, as far as the eye could see, at least Levi's eye. Levi loved the petting zoo but mostly he loved the free candy he got everytime his brothers did something, like roping. Levi really wanted to ride the stick ponies but everytime the girl handed it to him or looked at him he hid behind me instead. So of course AJ did it...

In case you can't see him, that is AJ under the massive pile of cotton looking for coins, he found a nickel. Caleb found alot more than one, I don't know how much Jake found.

I love living in a small town!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here comes TROUBLE

At least he wears a helmet right? I have never been a big fan of skateboards, I'm still not. It took alot of work on me to agree to the boys having them. Now they all have one thanks to a couple of gifts from neighbors and friends. Once Jake and Caleb got them, the little ones had to have them too and their friends obliged. Thankfully no broken bones yet. So here is my daredevil Levi following in his brothers footsteps.


One of Jake's goals for the summer was to get his wolf badge by the September Pack meeting.

He got it and with time to spare actually. Now he has 6 months to work on more arrow points. As you can tell he was very excited!!! All of the boys worked hard and got lots of badges and belt loops and beads for their efforts. Good job boys.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Home Made scripture totes

My sister in law sent me this link for the most adorable scripture totes. I immediately thought of all of my friends with adorable little girls, of which I have none. I decided to post it for you guys. They are absolutely adorable and I thought would match alot of the adorable bows I see in your beautiful girls hair. The best part is they are awesome for little girls and even more awesome for big girls. It looks like she even takes orders so here is the link and I'll post it with my other blog links too. ENJOY GIRLS! http://scripturetotesbyloree.blogspot.com

Thursday, October 1, 2009


One of the easy things about boys is they can go pee ANYWHERE! No such luck for me but it makes traveling alot easier especially since we tend to spend alot of time in rural areas. My boys were so embarrassed about this picture but I think it's hiliarious, 3 of the 4 on the side of the road (Levi isn't potty trained yet)