Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Caleb's award

This morning as I was hurriedly signing my boys agendas so they could leave for school I got the note from Caleb's teacher that he was getting an award today. I know, if I had done it last night like I should have I could have planned better but Tuesdays are a bit rough right now with swim team practice and scouts and dinner etc. Anyhow, Ryan and I were already planning to go to the temple this am so I had gotten up and showered already and was dressed thankfully so I was able to go and see him. AJ was so happy to see them, as he always is and ran up and sat with them with their classes until I made him sit with me. Caleb got MUSTANG BOY, the award for good character. I'm so proud of him!!! Good Job Caleb. I should mention that last month in my lapse, Jake also got the MUSTANG BOY award for his class for 3rd quarter. Good Job Jake. They are AWESOME!!!! But I already knew that. I get to spend time with them and see how fabulous they are every day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

MMMM Bagels!

Fridays are Bagels at Darice's. I hardly get to go but now that Ryan is working nights again and needs to sleep in, I think we'll go more. In case you can't tell, Levi loves bagels too. He likes to attack them head on, or should I say cream cheese first. Who needs bagels, he wants the cream cheese. Look at that wonderful face! AJ and Levi love to play with the other kiddos and mom's love to sit and gab for a short while. Thanks Darice for hosting us every week!!!

Jake's Pinewood Derby

Not the greatest picture I know but give me a break, I still haven't gotten my camera back. Anyway as you can see, Jake had fun at his first OFFICIAL Pinewood Derby. He probably would have had more fun if he had won but at least he had a cool car. He is such a great kid!!! How can you not want to grab him and kiss him all over his adorable face?!!?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh Soooo Dirty

So I'm upstairs bathing AJ and calling for Levi and Caleb to come upstairs for bath/shower respectively. Levi finally trails behind Caleb and he is covered in dirt from head to toe, and I do mean covered. Caleb swears that Levi dumped the dirt over his head himself and he had nothing to do with it. Now I know that Levi loves the sandbox but hmmm. I made Levi wait to get in the bath until I had AJ out since I didn't want to rewash AJ. I had to wash Levi's hair twice. I had to wash his body twice. I could hardly see his feet through the dirty water which I of course let out for round 2 and rinsed with clean water again from the faucet. Notice the capsized rubber duckie, I'm pretty sure the dirty water did him in, he is blue after all. HOLY COW! It's a good thing tomorrow is Friday, the day I clean the bathrooms. The brown ring left behind on the tub is only slightly more disgusting than the dirt left in the tub when all the water was gone. Levi was of course delighted in his mess and reminded me of Pigpen from the Charlie Brown specials I watched when I was a kid and love to watch with my kids now. I'm glad he had fun, that's all that really matters when it's all said and done. Well that and nobody died. Sometimes that's how I guage how good or bad my day was. As long as nobody died, or came fairly close, it's a good day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring concert

Jake and Caleb had their spring concert on Wednesday, I know, I'm late at posting about this too. It was called Rhythm Ranch and so they were encouraged to wear "cowboy" things. Like they need the enouragement. They were so awesome with their smiling faces and I really enjoyed listening even though the music was SO LOUD you couldn't really understand the words half of the time, that's okay because they had been practicing at home for weeks and I knew all the songs anyway. The school cafeteria wasn't built to be a concert hall I guess. I don't care, I loved it. Jake was very excited because he got to play an instrument, because he "is so good in music class". He was so serious and attentive, he was awesome. Caleb did great too, he was great to watch doing all the dancing and stuff. I was excited Ryan was able to go and watch with me, the boys were more excited!

Happy Birthday AJ

I know I'm late but Happy Birthday to AJ!! He turned 3 on the 3rd of May and we had a very small get together for him on Friday. He wanted a cowboy party and since he is always wearing his boots I figure that is fitting. All week that week he was listing the people he was inviting, I think that is pretty funny for a 3 year old. He was so excited and all day on Friday he was singing to himself happy birthday. So.. some friends came over and we grilled carne asada, YUM and sang it to him twice since he loved it so much. The funniest part is the first time he helped and kept chiming in Cha cha cha, which Caleb and Jake taught him. I made this pull apart cowboy hat cake and since it was my first attempt, I'm pretty pleased with it. It was also delicious which makes it even better except when I'm trying to avoid temptation. AJ loved it and that's really all that matters. I've never seen any kid smile so big. It was awesome.

Monday, May 4, 2009


I remember "running away" most every morning when I was little in protest of the daily oatmeal breakfast that I despised. Can you blame me, what kid wants to eat plain oatmeal everyday? Anyway, today AJ got mad that I wasn't making the pasta salad for dinner that he asked for, as I was putting taco salad fixins on the table for dinner mind you. Never the less, he informed he was running away and he walked out the front door. He meandered his way onto the sidewalk and I went outside to clarify. He restated, he was running away to Texas. I said maybe you should have dinner first, it's a long way to Texas, no he said to me. I said well at least tell your dad goodbye, he'll miss you when your gone. Okay he says, so he came into the house to tell Ryan goodbye. Then he decided to stay for dinner after all, at his big brothers urging since it is quite a long way to Texas they reinforced and he might get tired and hungry. Caleb reminded him he would be far from me but he wasn't all that concerned about that and said I could drive him to Texas. Then he asked me to blow off his rice since it was too hot. I said well I think you should practice since after you run away I won't be there to do that for you. He pondered that for a minute and then decided not to run away after all. Smart kid.