Wednesday, August 10, 2011


 So Caleb turned 9 on Monday but before that he had just a couple of things to do to finish his wolf up, one of them was a visit to the firehouse for a tour and to learn about fire prevention.  My mom set up a visit for us to go on Saturday and so we went.  The guys were awesome they took us all, since of course all of our boys went, anyway they took us all on a tour of the firehouse starting with where they get their dispatches to the captains office where he works only Caleb interjected plays because he saw a bunch of board games on the shelf in his office, that had us all laughing.  Then to the truck.  They let the boys climb in and then took us all on a ride through the neighborhood, which of course the boys loved!  Then when we got back to the fire station they pulled it out front and let the boys spray the firehoses.

The water pressure is so strong that the firefighter had to hold the hose to keep the little boys from being pushed backward, so stinking cute!  Then they let the boys hold the axes and tools which I kept picturing AJ dropping through his foot.  At the end one of the guys asked if there were any questions and Caleb said, "I have one, I want to see you in all your gear."  So he did!  The guys timed him because he has to have it all on in less than 90 seconds... he had it all on, including oxygen mask and breathing through the mask in one minute 5 seconds!  Awesome!  Then he got down and talked to the boys about what to do if the house was on fire, to get low and up against a wall and yell for help so that the firefighters could find them.  It was awesome for the boys to see what he looked like in all the gear and to be told not to hide or sit in the middle of the room and the fastest way to be rescued!  Such a great experience!  The guys were awesome and as usual went above and beyond any of our expectations.  We took them cookies later that evening to thank them for all that they did in making it a great adventure!  Since then the boys have dragged all of their winter gear out every day to dress up in their firefighter gear, including the hat they got at the firestation to be firefighters which they have decided they are going to be when they grow up.  My only complaint is 110 degrees outside and they are walking around in their snow bibs and jackets and gloves and the rest of it is laying all over the floor, oh well, you win some...  It could be worse!