Monday, January 3, 2011


So R suggested we take the boys to skateland for FHE tonight, then he added in a suggestion for Gerties Pizza before.  So we filled up on all you can eat custom made pizza, Idaho, buffalo chicken, ranch chicken cashew etc, of course followed by oreo, butterfinger and raspberry (yummy).  We worked it off w/ some super skating.  Jake and Caleb had fun and fell a couple of times, AJ and Levi even had fun.  We discovered AJ is a speed demon in the making, he can't go as fast as he wants so he begs me to help him and so we made the rounds with his completely ecstatic grin the whole way.  Levi is pretty determined but loves to be pulled around almost as much.  I decided to work on my backwards skating, and actually improved alot but also fell on my bum much to R's delight!  After all was said and done everyone reported a great time and Jake said he was so tired he couldn't even lift his legs.  They all came home and quickly went to bed.  Poor Jake was so busy skating the whole time, he even won the race for boys 10 and under ( it wasn't much of a race to be honest but who's gonna say that to him) I never got a pic of him skating.  I didn't get Caleb until he fell and took a breather.