Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving prep

Three dozen rolls made from scratch, four pumpkins to bake tomorrow for pies, seventeen yes that's 17 pie crusts made from scratch (it's a very large recipe), one large ham defrosting in the fridge and 6 pounds of bacon to cut and fry for green bean casserole, 15 pounds of potatoes to peel and boil and mash. Let's just stop there and don't get me started on the house! Thanksgiving is only 2 days away!!! I love the holiday season! I love cooking. I love family and friends coming to visit. I actually love a full house even when it's crazy and bustling, maybe it's the ER nurse in me, who knows but I love it. I can't wait to sit down to dinner with some of the people I love the most in the world!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


We have been so busy and the worst part is I haven't taken any pictures!!! I know... I'm a horrible mom. We haven't spent a Saturday at home in I can't remember how long. We've been to the zoo, the Heritage Festival, Lowes/yard sale cruising/Hobby Lobby shopping, the Hometown Holiday Boutique (small but great craft fair) and I can't even remember what else. Fridays have been busy too since the boys don't have school on Fridays, which I love! This week they are off all week for Thanksgiving and they couldn't be more excited. I'm excited about not getting up at 0545 every day to get them out the door on time with a hot meal in their tummies. It's been busy and fun and I'm thoroughly enjoying spending time with them and making memories, like the light rail and Art museum on Veterans Day! Somehow between making wreaths, thanks Bridgette for hosting and teaching us and helping with my bow, Love and Logic class, Jake's scouts, he got 3 more arrow points at the pack meeting this week, Caleb's class Feast for Thanksgiving, that I/Caleb volunteered stuffing for, and our adventures I haven't had time to get on here but hopefully now you understand why and would've done the same thing.

Thanks to all my friends who wished me happy birthday and Happy birthday to Elder Sweeney who shares the best birthday of the year with me. Happpy Birthday to my mom, today!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Zoo

Saturday we went with my mom to the zoo. I love the zoo. We never ride the train but this time we did. It was sooooo worth it and from now on, we'll do it everytime! You learn alot more on the train and give your feet a break, plus you can get off and on over and over again! We got off by the kids land and petting zoo. The kids had a blast milking the cow and playing not to mention the animals! I think my favorite is the giraffes, Jake's favorite is the poison dart frog. Levi loved the monkeys but I think he loved all of the animals to be honest. AJ's favorite is probably the lions, Caleb's favorite is the rhinoceros but really... I don't know because it took him sooo long to pick just one. Clifford went with us this time and I hope he had fun. He was sad we had to leave before we could see more but another day...


My kids have no filter. Anything and everything they think comes right out of their little mouths. It's often quite enlightening and sometimes funny. Usually it's funny in a demented sort of laugh or cry sort of way. Yesterday was no exception. First AJ, I don't know about other people's kids but AJ has no concept of male/female sex. We are trying to explain to him and he is finally starting to comprehend that I don't have a penis. He still thinks he will grow up to be a mom and nurse his baby too. So to yesterday, He is carrying around his "baby", aka his Woody doll, and decided that he needed to nurse him so he layed down on the floor in the bathroom where I was finishing my makeup to "nurse" his baby. Levi was asleep and I thought maybe AJ would nap too so I suggested he go lay in his bed and nurse his baby. He said he couldn't, he had to do it that way because his boobies aren't "long" enough. LOVELY. Not they aren't big enough, they aren't long enough. As I almost fell over laughing I was glad I could laugh about that. Later Caleb was having a rough day and wishing he were a grownup that could do anything he wanted to. I reminded him that his dad really doesn't want to go to work and miss out on all the fun stuff we do and that I don't really want to get up all night with a sick and grumpy baby and then get up early to make a breakfast everyday and lunch and make sure the house is clean and they have clean uniforms to wear to school etc. Then I reminded him that when he is a grownup I won't be there to do all that for him his completely candid reply, "My wife will." Again I found myself laughing, much to his irritation. Sorry Caleb. I love my kids.