Sunday, June 21, 2009

hAppY fATherS DaY

My husband is the best in the World. Of course I'm biased and I know that. He says I'm delusional. Regardless, I thought I would list some reasons why he is the best (in my humble opinion).

He wrestles with our kids and lets them jump on him to "wake him up".

He goes camping with us even though I know he would rather have a bed and a shower for vacation.

He taught Jake and Caleb to ride their two wheelers and ran alongside down the street, which I could never do.

He works so hard for our family and is never satisified with a mediocre effort.

He makes me laugh. He makes our kids laugh even when they are mad.

He reads my parenting books at work in secret. SHHH!

He loves our kids all the time, even when they make it hard.

He stays up to go to church after work on Sundays.

He makes crabby faces at AJ and Caleb to make them laugh.

He gets up early before work to go to the kids swim meets, football/tball games, concerts etc.

He lets us have dogs and a cat, even though he is not an animal person, because the boys love them.

He honors his priesthood.

He is never too busy to give service.

He never gives up, ever.

There are so many reasons why he is the best and I can't possibly list them all but I hope he knows that we love him everyday, not just on Father's Day.


Have I mentioned how much I love our ward? Just in case I haven't... It's the best ward EVER!! Last night we had a 50's dinner at the diner complete with a classic car show in the parking lot. Our boys dressed the part. Aren't they awesome? The entertainment was stellar. I'm not sure what was my favorite part of the evening, they were all so good, the girl group singing "You Don't Own Me", the swing dancers or April and Amy with their husbands singing "I Need a Man". I think it was probably the hula hoop contests. The Bishop, Brother Proctor and and Brother Lindsay were awesome. Caleb was also in a hula hoop contest. When he was finished I said, "Caleb I didn't know you could do that!" He said, "I couldn't!" His grin was awesome to see. I love his smile. All the entertainment was so great, as you can tell by Levi's, AJ's and Jake's rapt attention. I love our ward. I love our town. Where else do you get tractors at a classic car show? Where else do you get horses riding down the street in front of the church afterwards? The food was great, the party was great for kids and adults, the cars were awesome. We all had so much fun, we stayed up way past the boys bedtime but when we left I asked if they all had fun and got a unanimous YES from the back seat.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

SwIm MeEtS

I am a terrible mom! I haven't been taking pics of my boys with their ribbons from their previous meets. My only excuse is that by the time we get home I'm tired and HOT and so are the little boys so I'm a little busy getting crabby boys into bed. Today I was better. Today I finally got pics. They are getting better every week and I'm so proud of them. Ryan hates going to practice and feels bad about missing the meets but it's so hot who can blame him for not wanting to sit there and bake in the mornings especially since he worked all night and really needs to be sleeping. I love that they are busy and doing something active. We'll do swim every year, maybe next year we'll do dive too, who knows. I love watching them improve and I LOVE the smiles when they finish their races! GOOD JOB JAKE AND CALEB!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

City Boy? Country Boy

I had to laugh the other day when Jake and Caleb were irritating each other. Caleb got mad and called Jake a City boy. That of course got Jake up in arms who retorted that Caleb was a city boy. How great is that? The most insulting thing he could say was to call him a city boy!! I love it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gotta Love Home Depot

Jake has set a goal for himself to finish his wolf by the next pack meeting in September. We have been very busy working on requirements and if he keeps going at the same pace, he'll meet his goal easily. Very awesome since he only started in February! We went to Home Depot for one of their kids building workshops. Of course I couldn't say the other boys couldn't come so Caleb and AJ both built tool caddies also with Jake. I was very proud of them, they did just about all of it by themselves. They all turned out awesome and the boys had alot of fun! AJ only hit my thumb once, Jake hit his once and Caleb didn't have any injuries at all. Ryan was super dad and even after working all night, he took Levi and walked around the store so that I could help the older boys. How blessed I am to be surrounded by such a fantabulous bunch of boys!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Catch up!

I know, it's been a long time but in my defense, I've been insanely busy!! On Jake and Caleb's last day of school they went on the Father and Sons campout with their dad and somehow that means that I do alot of extra work getting everything ready without any of the fun of camping. AJ was very upset that Ryan wouldn't take him so my mom came over and we took the babes out for dinner and then to breakfast at Millstone ( his favorite restaurant) for breakfast on Saturday. I was a bit irritated that Ryan wouldn't take him but after they got rained on nonstop and by the way, thank goodness for four wheel drive, I was glad he didn't take him. I would have never heard the end of that since AJ would have had a great time in the mud, for awhile anyway. While I was cleaning up the camp stuff when they got back I decided I wanted to go too so we went camping the next weekend in Prescott, still cooler but beautiful!! The boys have swim team practice 4 mornings a week and meets on Thursdays and another one this morning. They are getting better and I am amazed at how fast they have picked up the strokes. 2 meets in less than 36 hours was a bit rough and I know I'm exhausted, but I can't imagine how they feel. That's not even half of what is happening but at least it's an update. Only a month and 10 days until the family reunion!!!!