Saturday, December 25, 2010


 I'm sure it seems extravagant that our boys got horses for Christmas but let me explain.  J and C are starting 4H next month and although R REALLY wanted them to do a steer project they both REALLY wanted to do a horse project for which they needed a horse.  Neither mine nor R's horses would be safe for a beginner so that wasn't an option and 4H is such a great program that we really wanted them to do and of course they want to do it so... Do we buy them Christmas presents and then next month buy horses or what so to be honest, I think we sorta got a freebie, we bought them horses for Christmas, if they only knew...  It really helps that we got smoking deals on all of the horses we bought, $700 for 3 horses that are great with the kids!!!!   This is Caleb with his horse Lucy.  They were all  told that in order to have horses they had to clean their stalls daily and brush them daily and feed them twice daily and make sure they have plenty of clean water always.  They also need to be worked and ridden daily weather permitting.   All without complaining, ever.  No amount of work would disuade them and they have held to their word.  All of their work has bonded them with their horses and Lucy loves Caleb like no other.

This is AJ and L on Buddy, their horse.  He loves them and attention about as much as he likes to eat.  They have yet to use a bit or saddle, they just ride him with a halter and lead line bareback and have a great time.  AJ informed us that he is a "professional rider".  I can't believe I didn't get a pic of J riding.  He got a black and white paint that is equally awesome and yesterday he rode her with also just a halter and lead line bareback and did so very well.  I am so very happy with the horses we got and even though we are now VERY horse poor it was worth it.  Now hopefully I can get a job!  

We told the boys if they got horses that it would be their only Christmas present from R and I.  They all agreed whole heartedly.  That being said R thought it was just wrong to not have anything under the tree from us so they each got a small present from us under the tree, thank goodness for Amazon and great prices!  And thank Heaven for extended family that also got them stuff.  This is the disaster left behind this am after stockings and gifts were opened and enjoyed.   Right now they are enjoying a full sugar high that I'm sure will result in upset stomachs but maybe they won't be so  eager to over indulge and MAYBE it'll even keep them away from candy for awhile!  Right now I'm looking forward to eating dinner and falling into bed!  But I'm definitely enjoying Christmas!  Kids'll do that for ya!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


So I know it's a bit irreverent but it's funny and makes me smile everytime I hear it.  I love the Christmas hymns, they make my heart swell  but this one is my fave fun song.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Happy birthday to my sweet Levi!  He turned 3 yesterday and boy has he been acting 3 lately but let's not talk about that!  He is so funny and says the most hilarious things... Recently his new word is "BOOYAA"  I have no idea where he heard it but it cracks me up when he says it.    Anytime anyone gets hurt he very sweetly says, " I know honey, I know, It's okay..."I asked him what kind of cake he wanted... "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... strawberry"  so strawberry w/ lemon frosting it was.  And before you start thinking what a weird combo... try it, it's delish!!!  He had so much fun singing happy birthday to himself with us and blowing out the candles and of course eating his custom ordered home made cake... I'm so grateful for him and the joy and laughter he brings into our home.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Mine looked NOTHING like this but it didn't taste bad.  I'm not a fan of squash, in fact I generally can't stand it.  I'll choke it down to set a good example for the boys, especially lately since I'm really trying to get us to eat healthier and have been for the last 18 months and that means more veggies and fruits and grains and less meat.  That isn't really making R happy but he does want us to eat healthier so he is putting up an effort.  Anyway... Today I picked up the produce basket I was supposed to pick up yesterday but we were in Mountain Home buying horses for kids and since I can't be in 2 places at once... my basket was spaghetti squash besides all the stuff I was actually excited about and looking forward to eating.  I've never made it before but I've been told it tastes just like spaghetti so I figured I'd give it a shot.  It's pretty gross looking, I mixed the meat sauce up with it in some lame attempt to fool the boys.It didn't work. Levi and AJ didn't care and just dug in.  Jake and Caleb acted like I was trying to poison them.  R ate 2 helpings and I have to admit even though it didn't look appetizing, it tasted just like spaghetti, or at least spaghetti sauce so while they complained at first, even J and C finished theirs, probably mostly just to get their Christmas cookies though to be honest.  So I guess it was a success overall.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Whan I was a little girl I saw this commercial where this woman was laying asleep with her hair fanned out perfectly on the pillow around her, her makeup perfect, I'm certain there is no way she had morning breath, in a simple satin nighty.  I aspired to be just like her.  Fast forward 25 years or so...  I'm laying in bed wishing I was asleep still on a cold snowy Sunday morning, AJ is asleep in the bed next to me (which is why I'm not asleep btw).  He has been of course fiddling with my long hair, because that's been his comfort thing since he was a baby.  Ryan comes home from work, builds the fire downstairs and all the boys hearing him get up and go running downstairs to mob him, which they do  pretty much everytime he comes home from work, so now I'm laying in bed alone thinking I might get a couple more winks in before the bedlam breaks loose.  Ryan comes up and into our room, the boys are downstairs eating cereal, a delicacy in our house because I make them eat a hot breakfast on school days( I know, I'm a horrible mean mom).  Anyway R comes into our room, walks around the bed and starts laughing and says, "Hey Medusa" (my hair is completely ratted up on the left side of my head from AJ's fiddling.  Nice!  Oh well...