Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Seriously. It seems like the last 6 weeks has been one or more of us sick all the time. Finally, enough is enough. Levi has RSV and AJ has bronchitis. Our house sounds like a TB ward or something. Anyhow, we decided to stay away from church and pretty much everywhere else for a few weeks since it seems like everytime they are finally getting well they pick up the next thing so after bouts with the flu, pink eye, a couple of colds and now this...maybe the quarantine will help us to get over and strong enough not to catch the next bug that visits. They look like angels in this pic but trust me, a grumpy AJ is no angel, demon maybe is a better description. I can't remember but he probably tried to choke Levi after this pic was taken, just kidding. Anyway, we haven't fallen off the earth or been abducted by aliens or gone inactive or anything, just hiding for awhile.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I love Jake and Caleb's school this year!? I'm certain I have but anyhow... Today the 3rd grade had a "shopping day". All of the 3rd grade students decided on a service or product to sell to their fellow students. Each classroom was set up as a store and each student was given $3 play money to spend on whatever they wanted. At the end they were to count up their gross profit and figure their net profit and figure out what went well and what didn't and why. They are learning math and free enterprise in the 3rd grade! I love it. More importantly the kids loved it and get this... LEARNED!!! So Jake came home today and decided to set up a face painting/ lemonade stand in front of the house. Thanks to some awesome neighbors and a high traffic location, they made $5, but Caleb lost one and doesn't know where. They were so excited and our awesome neighbors stopped for "curbside service" lemonades and some went home and came back for good sport face painting and lemonade. Their biggest customers, teenagers that were cool enough to humor these darling boys. As you can see, the practiced the fine art of face painting on each other. I know I'm biased but tell me these aren't the cutest kids in the world!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

HAPPY 2010!!!

All I can say is wow! Another year gone by... my kids are growing so much I threaten them to stop feeding them and make them walk around with books on their heads to make them stop. They are so much fun though, they just yell NO everytime I say it. Christmas was fun. My dad and brother came with his girlfriend and that was so fun. They played with my kids and spoiled them and did all of the awesome stuff visiting family is supposed to do. We went shooting on Christmas morning, Sean laughed at me like we were a bunch of dumb rednecks when I told him we were planning to and then his girlfriend wanted to come too so they came and get this... HAD FUN! AJ got to shoot the .22 with some help and decided he would rather stick to the bb gun. Jake and Caleb had fun too but Levi is still too little and stayed home to sleep. We had to speak in church the Sunday after Christmas but I guess after living here for 4 years, it was about time. New Years we played cards with friends and stayed up too late but the boys had fun then too. Now into another year of adventure. AJ started Sunbeams and so did I ( as a teacher but not his), we have 3 Sunbeam classes. Jake is excited about being "Valiant" Caleb is getting ready to be baptized this year. WOW! Levi is in nursery without me and we'll see how that goes. Ryan is working like a dog, same as always. So what does this year have in store for us? HMMM... I've set some new goals, I feel pretty good about last years and while I'll keep up with them, it's time for some more. So...
1. speak softer-always
2. exercise and eat healthier-sweets 1x a week
3. read scriptures daily
4. family home evening weekly
5. magnify my calling
6. stay on budget and save every month.
Now that I'm reading them it seems like alot but they are written down so I can't forget or get lazy or give up.